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[Sphere] Sphere Sphere is an RPG creation engine that uses Javascript. I made a bunch of projects and example code which can be found on this page. All of it is also accessible here.

Sphere can be downloaded here.

Finished projects

Sir Boingers

And the Quest for Cupcakes (and Justice)

A retro-style arcade platformer where your aim is to get to the end of the level, collecting as many cupcakes as possible along the way. This is easier said than done as you constantly bounce around, having to master the movement before you can master finishing the game. Made to be fun and challenging. Initial response was small, but positive.

A new, final version is in the works that will likely be released in June 2010.

Download v1.0 (May 2010)
Tengudev website

boingers screenshot boingers screenshot boingers screenshot boingers screenshot

Crap RPG

Well, it's a complete game, but it's also quite crappy... on purpose. There once was a website called CrapWare Games and I made this game for that site. It's still a tiny bit enjoyable and I guess someone could somehow learn from its code...

Abandoned Projects

Pokémon GoldenSky/SilverSea

Old Pokémon fangame. Was supposed to be a clone of Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Gameboy Color. Abandoned when I wanted to recode it from scratch (because it's terrible; part of my process in learning how to script!) and I just lost interest.
Download first (and last) release


Was supposed to be a JS version of the still somewhat popular indie game Dink Smallwood, with all kinds of improvements for modders to make their dmods easier and be able to do a lot more with scripts.


Was supposed to be somewhat of a children's game. The world contains these small, oval creatures I named "dolls", and the story revolves around this one black doll who goes through all kinds of adventures. It never got far, since this was one of my first serious projects ever.


Boulderdash clone in order to demonstrate how easy it can be to make a Boulderdash clone in Sphere. Then I found out it's not that easy, and then I started learning that it's always better to plan out your projects in advance, no matter how small. The code works but is kind of a mess because of this. Oh well, it's partially playable!
NOTE: this abandoned game demonstrates pretty well how you can use RenderScripts and UpdateScripts to control and render stuff every frame your game is running.


An attempt at creating a DOS-like environment... in Sphere. It's quite limited, considering what Sphere can do, but it's also a fun little project that can actually launch the games in your sphere/games directory.

DaVince's Sully

Sully is the name of the demonstration game belonging to the RPG creation system Verge. One of the creators of that game once ventured into Sphere and remade Sully partially inside Sphere - however, it was highly incomplete and introless. This was my own attempt at getting the new, complete version of the game inside Sphere, but it got about just as far as the other version - only with an intro and mug shots in text boxes.

Project Keen

A Commander Keen fangame, once started because I love the Commander Keen games. Abandoned because I wasn't very good at making platform engines (in fact, only in February 2009 did I make my first proper platform engine). Still, nice to look at.

Download with Sphere (easy game launching)

Project Keen screenshot


I can't really say if this is abandoned or just on hiatus... This was (is?) a joint project between me and a buddy on MSN Messenger (or Windows Live, if you will). Was gonna be a platformer inside a computer-like world, but since we haven't done anything with it for months I'm putting it online. :)

Other Projects

Mr Boingers

Mr Boinger's country was just invaded by black monsters who suck all colour and life away from his country! The only way to defeat them is by leaving the country because Mr Boingers is the only source of colour and life left in the country. Time to boing over tons of black monsters!
This game was made for a one-hour competition at ovk.actionsketch.com (now a defunct site, apparently).


One of my first test games. Textbox, story progression, map tests... You start out in a pretty empty map, so press escape to go to the actual intro and menu.

Tutorials & Examples

DaVince's Scripting Tutorial

A bit old, and definitely needs a rewrite. Still, it's been praised by a lot of beginners in Sphere and JavaScript and makes a good learning resource. Includes some tests that you can take to test if you understand everything so far.
English version
The original Dutch version (no longer exists! Pick the English version.)

Animation Test

An example on how to show an animation by stringing a bunch of images together. Also contains code to time your animation (to make it animate slower and faster) and how to display stuff while the image is animating.


An example on how to make an object, instances of it, giving them different values and then using them to animate them all simultaneously with their individual settings. Bubbles float around on the screen!

Drawing Stuff

A VERY simple tutorial showing how you draw things on the screen. Also demonstrates how you wait for a keypress to continue.


4 example games that show how you can make a textbox system, transporting characters to different maps/locations, a fade effect and a simple event system, amongst other things.
Example 1 - walk around, text box, fade effect, transporting the player to different locations.
Example 2 - Everything from example 1 plus: change player sprite, better text box, talking to a person.
Example 3 - Example 1 plus a better text box and a simple event/scenario system.
Example 4 - Example 1 + an ingame menu that can be opened by pressing escape.
Download all four

Note that these examples are old. The code is simple, but might not be the best way to do things.

Image Object Test

An example much like Bubblez, but a bit more organized and clear. Also demonstrates how you can rotate images. Note: the project is named "Hm" in case you can't find it after you unpacked it. I guess I found the effect interesting, or something.

Text Demo

A demonstration on using Objects once again. Also demonstrates the uses of values relative to the current array item or iteration in a loop, and how to color and color cycle text. This one was more made for fun than as an example, really, and reminds one of those old Amiga or Commodore demos and intros.

Image To Map

Exactly what it says on the label - an example of how you can "convert" an image to a map. The main advantage to this is that you don't need the Sphere editor to make a map for a game this way - a nice idea if you want your game to be extendable and accessible by any user or developer, not just Sphere ones.


A pretty basic (and ugly on map persons) example of a Final Fantasy 6-like mode7 map effect. Skyline not included.

Character status

One of my first Sphere tests ever (2004!). More like a neat addition to this page than a real example, but if it helps you with anything that's only better. :P
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