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You can contact me in several different ways. Please replace the | in email links with an @ if you want to email me.

Email: VincentBeers|gmail.com
MSN Messenger: VincentBeers|gmail.com
AIM: DaVince021
Forum profile on the Sphere community


I'm a freelancer in web design and creation (cheap!). My portfolio showcases anything noteworthy to show if you are interested in having a (small-to-medium sized) website made.

Go to portfolio

StepMania Simfiles

I play the dancing game StepMania regulary. It's basically a free clone of Dance Dance Revolution. I sometimes make Simfiles for it, which means rhythm/arrow data for a song. I also have a tool that can organize, edit and install your simfiles.

StepMania Simfiles and Tools


Tengu Development - The free game creation team I'm in. Always high-quality (we hope!).

Spherical - Community for Sphere.
Telltale Games - AWESOME games for CHEAP. Windows and Wii. (But they work on Wine!)
TIGSource - The Independent Gaming Source. Many indie games, usually free.
Homestar Runner dot com - "It's dot net!" - Neat cartoon.
Ubuntu - the Linux distro I use.

HTML endeavours

I regularly mess around with HTML. This is where you can find some of that stuff.

Fun HTML thingees

History of avatars

I've had a lot of "aarghvatars" now. Just wanted to list them all in a row, so you can see how the avatars changed over time! Each one tries to be unique with its camera angle and with the character's pose.

The character's name is Trobble, by the way. No relation to Grimace because I never even knew he existed when I made the character. :P The other guy's Cube.

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Before that I had boxes, by the way:

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