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[Music] Music Sometimes I get in a creative mood and create another song. You can download them for free from this page.

I usually create music with the music tracking program OpenMPT.

Creative Commons License
This work by DaVince (Vincent Beers) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands License.

Recent creations

NOTE: Any songs from September 2009 onward will require OpenMPT (and are sometimes indicated in the .mptm format)! However, rendered versions (in Ogg or MP3) are almost always available. A .compat.it file is sometimes provided when possible, which can be played back outside of OpenMPT.

Music resource pack
A pack of songs for completely free use. As always, licensed under the Creative Commons Sharealike license.

Music for Sir Boingers
These songs are made for the recently released game Sir Boingers.


I'm going to be cheap and just direct you to straight to my music directory. All of these directories contain songs I made myself, except the "others" directory.

Go to my music archive
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