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Welcome to my portfolio. This is where I will showcase any of my noteworthy work done on web design and application development.

For a (full) showcase of games, music, miscellaneous code and artwork, see the other pages on my site.

Web Design

School project sites

Websites I have made as school projects. Currently includes a portfolio site and a Joomla-powered website.

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Tengu Dev

Tengu is the (currently non-profit) game development team that I am in. I have created a theme for it around a WordPress blog, as well as created the pages and their content.

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Patricia Bollen

A website made for a photographer to showcase her photos and offer her photographing services to others. It's currently made of all static pages but I'm currently changing that into PHP with a photo system, so the photos and albums can be added and updated easily.


DaVince's Website

Naturally, I have made my own website myself, too. This is its fourth iteration. All pages are PHP, but the only PHP used is that for the visitor counter and to tie header and footer pages together for easy site editing.

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DNA Productions

A website created for an old Pokémon fan game I was once making with a few other people. Just HTML, no JavaScript or PHP or all that. One of my early serious endeavours with CSS2. Background image and logo text by Chris Crawford.

Game design and development

I have created several different games over the years, mostly being involved in the design of the games, the coding, the planning and the music. All of my projects have been free, non-profit ones, created in my own spare time. Projects I think are portfolio-worthy are listed here.

Sir Boingers

And the Quest for Cupcakes (and Justice)

A retro-style arcade platformer where your aim is to get to the end of the level, collecting as many cupcakes as possible along the way. This is easier said than done as you constantly bounce around, having to master the movement before you can master finishing the game. Made to be fun and challenging. Initial response was small, but positive.

A new, final version is in the works that will likely be released in June 2010.

Download v1.0 (May 2010)
Tengudev website

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