Collected music samples

What you can find here is links to all kinds of soundfonts and music samples that I have encountered and collected over the years. Some may be good. Others may not. Some may also be royalty free while others may not be. I will indicate if this is the case. But I certainly hope that this page will be useful to you, who has found this page!

- DaVince

8-bit samples

GBFont - random GameBoy soundfont I found. Has some decent samples. Not very GM compatible.
SoundFont "Sing Like FAMICOM" 1.1 - NES soundfont.
NES Font Advance - Another NES soundfont.
Some chipsamples - random chip samples from different consoles. WAV.

MS-DOS, Mega drive, SNES, 16-bit game consoles

These are all soundfonts and samples based on several different Yamaha FM chips.
Adlib instruments - played and recorded by myself on DOSBox. Royalty-free.
The Ultimate Megadrive Soundfont - Awesome. GM compatible, so all MIDIs can sound like from the Megadrive.
Some SNES Samples - from random games.
Samples from SNES games that rock - What it says on the label.

Playstation 1 era

Final Fantasy 8 soundfont - actually quite good for other (non-commercial) uses, too.

Other samples

Miscellaneous, uncategorized samples.
Random Assortment of Decent Samples - Exactly what it says.
Percussion samples - Because they're awesome.
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