Pizza Delivery DX
  A deluxe version of Joshua Mononoetoe's Pizza Delivery!

Welcome to the Pizza Delivery DX page!
On this page, you'll find information about Pizza Delivery DX, thedownload, the download of the original Pizza Delivery and some bonusstuff. Enjoy! ;)

About Pizza Delivery DX
Pizza Delivery DX is aspecial amlost entirely remade version of Joshua Mononoetoe's PizzaDelivery.
In Pizza Delivery, the goal was simple: to get the pizzas to thecustomers without being killed by one of the cars on the road betweenthe Pizza Delivery and the houses...

I want to thank Joshua Mononoetoe for creating the original PizzaDelivery game and for supplying me with the Pizza Delivery source code,and for testing the DX version, and for re-recording some sounds, ANDfor moral support! Phew! You're a great guy, Joshua!
Aaaaand, I want to thank all extension developers for creating suchgreat extensions which allows me to do more in MMF. And of course,Clickteam for creating MMF in the first place. :)

Changes between Pizza Deliveryand Pizza Delivery DX
There are some prettybig differences between the normal version and tyhe deluxe version. Ilisted them here.

Download the game
Wanna downloadthe game? Of course you can! It's free!

DownloadPizza Delivery DX 1.0

Download the original Pizza Delivery game
Sorry, at the moment this one is unavailable. The game is nolonger on my hard disk. I'll ask Joshua for the game again soon. ;)

Special stuff
Extra stuff you don't have to know or get, but which isfun anyway.

- Facts about Pizza Delivery -

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Pizza Delivery Original version ©Joshua Mononoetoe