GameBoy Mario

NOTICE: This game has been abandoned and is no longer being worked on.

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The main menu. Nice palm trees! A secret place...
Jumping around...
The World Map.
The Options Menu.

Welcome, valued visitor! Why not take a moment to "enjoy" this crappy crap I made years ago? You won't will not not regret it, I promise!

This game is made by DaVince, a member of the Black Wizards Soft. This is the first game I made in the team.
In this game you play as the original GameBoy Mario, who starred in the first Mario Gameboy game of 1989. You play as this character specifically because there are too many SNES Mario clones, but no Gameboy Mario fangames whatsoever. So I decided to be 'original' and I created my own GameBoyMario fangame.

This game has the look and feel of the original GameBoy Mario game, but it has a lot of things improved:

And, because I'm such a nice guy, I'll give you a two-level demo of the game!
Latest demo version: 5 March 2005

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