Version 1.1
CodeCracker is a word/letter puzzle game. You get a set of numbers varying from 0 to 26, each representing a number. You have to fill those numbers in to get a word. If you guess the word correctly, you get a point for every letter in the word... If you guessed wrong you lose the same amount of points!

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  • Screenshots
    Before downloading, you can take a look on what the game looks like.

    Download the game - Currently version 1.1
    This is the place where you can download the game.

  • Download the game

  • Language packs
    The game's English by default, but you have the possibility to translate it by editing the files in the 'language' folder.
    Here is where you can download translations of the game. Just unzip them in the game folder and you're ready to go!
    The following language packs are currently available:

    Dutch - Includes a Dutch word list.

    Word lists
    I regulary create word lists for the game, and other people can send in their word lists too. They will be placed here.
    You can copy the downloaded word lists to the game's folder, then import and save in the editor to use it in the game.

    COMPUTERS.LST - A list of common computer words.

    None at the moment.

    None at the moment.

    28 December 2005
    Version 1.1 released! Check out the changelog to see what's changed.
    I also uploaded the first extra word list for the English version, computers.lst.
    26 December 2005
    Game released, both English and Dutch versions.
    I'm planning to create a newer version of the game which supports easy word list uploading / downloading without the need of your own file host. I do not know when I will release this.
    I may also make an online play version, but it depends on the amount of players.

    Version 1.1 - 28 December 2005
  • Language customizable! All text is loaded from the files in the 'language' folder, which allows you to translate CodeCracker to your language easily.
  • Removed bug in the editor where the game would store the files in the folder of the file you just imported, instead of the game's folder.
  • Version 1.0 - 26 December 2005
  • Release version.